Baoli’s low-maintenance electric forklift with a lift capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes

Balanced and versatile. That’s the essence of the Baoli KBE 20-25 series 6091 electric forklift. It’s a tough and reliable counterbalance forklift that’s also energy-efficient and budget-friendly.

KBE25 4 Wheel

KBE 20-25 Electric Forklift Performance

Featuring a lift capacity of 2.0 – 2.5 tonnes, the Baoli KBE series forklifts are built to deliver high performance and productivity – inside or out. It’s also designed to have low operating costs, offering an ideal balance of low energy consumption and maintenance needs.

Baoli KBE Forklift Comfort

In addition to its reliable performance, the KBE 20-25 series forklifts are also built for operator comfort. Lots of thought has been put into giving operators an ergonomically designed cab for fatigue-free work, including lots of storage compartments. Hydraulic damping mounts isolate that spacious cab from vibration, noise and shock. It also offers a comfortable and large footwell, as well as an adjustable seat. This electric four-wheel forklift also has a compact steering wheel and adjustable steering column that, when combined with its hydraulic steering system, means it’s easier and more comfortable than ever to steer.

Baoli Forklift Safety

When it comes to safety, the KBE 20-25 series is everything you would expect from a Baoli forklift. The KBE series gives operators an optimal view of the forklifts load and travel path, thanks to its optimised visibility design. In addition, the electric forklift features Curve Assist, which regulates its cornering speed. So, it automatically monitors the steering angle and reduces the forklifts speed minimising the chance of tipping. Finally, its large step-in plate also features an anti-slip design, making it safe under cover or outside in wet weather.

And the Baoli KBE 20-25 is available through Linde Material Handling Australia which means you’ll be backed by Linde’s incomparable customer and product service.

Explore the Baoli KBE 20-25 electric forklift here with purchase and Rent-To-Buy options available.