Baoli Energy Options

Finding the right energy system to suit your business and budget

What type of energy do you need for your forklifts?

Are you after lead-acid batteries or Lithium-ION powered forklifts? Or perhaps you need a gas or diesel Internal Combustion (IC) forklift? Whichever energy option you’re after, we can help you figure out the one that’s going to be the best fit for your business and budget.

From understanding what the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is — which includes the purchase price and operating costs — to understanding what space is required for refuelling or charging. The specialists at Baoli Forklifts, with support from Linde Material Handling, are ready to help you get things sorted.

Internal Combustion (IC) Engines

  • From diesel to natural gas, you’ll find a range of options available at Baoli, with lift capacities from 1.8-10 tonnes.

    All Baoli IC trucks are manufactured by our parent company KION Group, the second largest forklift manufacturer in the world:

    • Diesel IC trucks are best suited for outside
    • LPG IC trucks are best suited for businesses who need their truck to work both indoors and outdoors
    • Easy to access service compartments allow for quick and easy maintenance
    • All services are supported by Linde Material Handling’s national service network — our exclusive Australian distributor

Lead-Acid Batteries

  • This proven energy system is available on a variety of Baoli electric trucks.

    Electric forklift trucks and warehouse trucks with lead-acid batteries remain a good alternative for light to medium-duty applications, for example, retailers who only need the truck for loading and unloading a few hours each day. 

    • Investment costs are similar for both IC trucks and lead-acid battery powered electric forklift trucks
    • Lead-acid battery powered trucks are generally more economical in terms of servicing
    • Lead-acid trucks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Baoli offers different battery capacities to suit the intended intensity and duration of use

Lithium-ION Batteries

  • Perfect for businesses that need to do short and fast recharging throughout shifts.

    One challenge in electromobility is ensuring that the trucks have the same availability as they do with IC engines. This is where Lithium-ION (Li-ION) technology comes into play, providing a whole range of advantages for electric forklift trucks and warehouse trucks alike compared to lead-acid batteries, including:

    • An increase in truck availability, making the operation more cost-effective, safer, and sustainable
    • Suitability for all applications, with it really coming into its own during intensive applications such as multi-shift operation, use in cold stores or in the beverage industry
    • Suitability for sensitive material handling such as pharmaceutical and food
    • Different battery capacities that are available in combination with different charging capacities, ensuring a high level of flexibility
    • Removal of costly and time-consuming battery changes as they are no longer required — the Li-ION battery can be charged during short breaks
    • Constant voltage, meaning there is no performance loss even when the battery's charge level is dropping
    • No need to invest in battery charging areas and ventilation as that's no longer required
    • It's a great option for companies looking for an emissions-free alternative

Ideal for low-range applications.

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