In search of a forklift for both indoor and outdoor use? √

Want a forklift that blends performance with value? √

Need to prioritise safety and user-friendly forklift operations? √


Look no further than the Baoli KBD 25-35 series IC Counterbalance forklifts. These forklifts strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability, making it your new must-have.


A diesel counterbalance that does the work

Offering robust engine forklifts with an impressive 2.5–3.5 tonne lifting capacity, the KBD 25-35 series is designed to excel in various applications across different industries. Whether you’re operating indoors or outdoors, in wet or damp conditions, these forklifts deliver optimal performance. With features like significant ground clearance for varied terrains and efficient manoeuvrability, they ensure smooth operations in any environment, including both paved and unpaved surfaces.

Their engines generate significant driveline torque at low RPMs, accommodating hydraulic attachments with ease.


Sinking into comfort with the KBD 25-35

Suspended overhead guard with soft connection: Experience reduced vibrations and operator strain, thanks to the four silicone oil dampers connecting the overhead guard and chassis.

Baoli KBD 25-35 series 1289 suspended overhead guard

New Earring Design: Enhancing the mast's strength and ensuring reliability and safety in every lift.

Smooth operation mechanics: Thanks to the side control lever and compact steering wheel, operators can navigate with ease and precision.

Baoli KBD 25-35 series 1289 side control levers

Optimal comfort features: Operator comfort is front and centre with a compact steering wheel, convenient pedals, and adjustable comfortable wrap-in seat offering shock insulation. 

Baoli KBD 25-35 series 1289 diesel IC forklift seat and features

User-friendly maintenance: Maintenance is a breeze with features like the easily removable iron floor and side panels.

Cutting-edge LCD display: Operators are kept informed with an easily accessible interface displaying essential details.

Baoli KBD 25-35 series 1289 LCD display screen


Why you should opt for the 1289 series

Troy Willoughby, Linde Material Handling’s Product Manager, emphasises the unique advantages of the KBD 25-35 series,

“This new series is built in the KION Group’s brand-new manufacturing plant in Jinan, China. The plant is designed around efficiency and productivity to produce high-quality affordable trucks.

“The KBD 25-35 engine forklift stands out in the market with some of its advanced high-quality parts. It incorporates quality Linde components like the complete cast steer axle and optimised drive axle which allows for better loading and transmission performance.

“The combination of these features enhances reliability, setting our forklifts apart from its competitors while maintaining a competitive price.”


Take the leap with Baoli's newest dynamo


Available from Linde Material Handling Australia, the Baoli KBD 25-35 internal combustion forklift delivers performance, reliability and value.

Ready to redefine your operations? Whether you’re looking to purchase outright or explore our rent-to-buy option, our team is here to support your needs.

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