Productivity, performance and affordability in one tough little package

If you’re looking for an affordable, energy-efficient electric forklift that gets the job done with low maintenance requirements, look no further than the Baoli KBET 18-20.

KBET20 3 wheel lifting with operator

KBET 18-20 Series Performance

With a lift capacity of 1.8 to 2.0 tonnes, the KBET 18-20 is built to deliver long-term reliability at an infinitely affordable price point. The three-wheel electric truck can handle intense workloads both indoors and out. And its dual AC drive motor with 90-degree turn steer axle makes for incredibly smooth and agile manoeuvring. That manoeuvrability translates to operational versatility, even in the narrowest of spaces, and consistently high productivity. 

Baoli Electric Forklift Comfort

The Baoli KBET series is also very operator-friendly. Baoli loves to integrate comfort features into their trucks. For instance, the driver’s cabin is spacious, with a large operator footboard. So, there’s plenty of room. The operator’s seat is also fully suspended and adjustable for comfort and the intuitive operator interface is complemented by an adjustable steering column.

Baoli KBET Forklift Safety

When it comes to safety, you get all the peace-of-mind features you’d expect from a Baoli. The strong steel overhead guard has a shock-resistant clear polycarbonate cover for enhanced operator safety. It also features a steering sensor with automatic curve speed reduction to ensure smooth and safe handling. Add in traction, hydraulic interlock and operator presence systems, and you can see this three-wheel electric forklift takes your safety seriously.

Available from Linde Material Handling Australia, the Baoli KBET 18-20 electric forklift delivers durability, affordability and energy efficiency that’s ideal for any small to medium sized business.

Explore the Baoli KBET 18-20 electric forklift here with purchase and Rent-To-Buy options available.