We know that safety is paramount to every workplace but unfortunately every year, we still see an average of just under 200 people suffer fatal injuries while on the job in Australia.  

SafeWork Australia's Vision

This statistic is just part of the reason for SafeWork Australia’s clear objective: Safe and healthy work for all. This objective highlights that everyone in every workplace, from top executives to entry-level employees, has a responsibility to maintain certain safety standards. 

And although that is true, the fact of the matter is – if you’re running a business or overseeing operations, worker safety isn’t just a priority; it’s the number 1 priority. Linde TruckSpot on Baoli

Improving forklift safety

Forklifts are essential in many industries but they can also be the source of severe injuries or fatalities. The most common forklift-related incidents are a result of collisions with workers, unstable loads, and forklift tip-overs.

For anyone working in an environment with forklifts, following the below tips as well as fostering collaboration and vigilance amongst your workplace can help to ensure safe and healthy work for all.

Safety tips for working with forklifts

Maintain safe distances: Always ensure ample space. 

Follow designated paths: Use only pedestrian marked safety zones.

Seek acknowledgement: Only approach a forklift operator once they’ve halted their operations and acknowledged your presence.

Handle loads with authorisation: Never assist in loading or unloading unless you are authorised to do so.

Be visible: Always wear high visibility clothing to ensure you’re easily spotted in busy environments. 



Safety in the workplace isn't just a responsibility; it's a priority. Together, by following guidelines and fostering a safety-first culture, we can ensure a safer environment for everyone.

Visit our Safety Page to learn more about the safety options available for Baoli forklifts.

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