Forklifts are essential in many industries, emphasising the importance of wearing the right gear to ensure safety. That’s why, most places have guidelines about what to wear – considering the diverse environments and situations encountered daily, such as confined spaces, narrow aisles, outdoor work environments, or load or unloading high shelving, it’s imperative for forklift drivers and pedestrians alike to wear the correct clothing to protect themselves while they go about their work.

In 2022, the Australian workforce saw over 140 forklift-related injuries, casting a spotlight on the importance of workplace safety measures. Wearing the right clothing isn’t just about looking good; it serves as a critical defence for a safe work environment.

Which protective measures are important?

Baoli employees wearing safety clothing and hard hats

Protective clothing is a basic safety requirement in material handling, going beyond mere professionalism. It serves as a barrier against accidents. Here’s a breakdown of the essential protective clothing:

  • Head Protection

Helmets or hard hats provide protection against falling objects.

  • Hearing Protection

Earplugs or earmuffs to prevent hearing loss in noisy environments.

  • Eye Protection: 

Safety goggles or face shields protect eyes from dust and harmful substances.

  • Reflective/Safety Clothing: 

Reflective clothing ensures operators and pedestrians are visible to others, reducing collision risks.

  • Comfort in Clothing: 

Properly fitting clothing enhances mobility and prevents getting caught in machinery.

  • Feet Protection

Steel-toed boots fortify and protect feet from heavy dropped items.

  • Hand Protection

Hands are an operator’s most valuable tools; safety gloves not only shield hands from harm but also improve grip.

Blue Baoli with protective clothing to stay safe in forklift warehouse

Investing in protective clothing is essential for safety and offers multiple benefits. It ensures companies remain compliant with safety regulations and helps avoid the high costs of workplace accidents. Additionally, workers are more confident and productive when they feel safe.

Safety is a foundational cornerstone for Baoli. Whether operating forklifts or managing operations, safety is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why, to ensure a secure and productive workplace, we encourage you in joining us prioritise safety. Equip your team with the necessary protective clothing and embrace a culture where safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

Stay vigilant and protected in forklift operation environments.