The Baoli ES12–104 is the 1.2-tonne capacity electric pallet stacker - made for the economy market

Your bottom line is shaped by every decision you make, so why not make the right one from the start when it comes to your warehouse material handling equipment?

Ergonomic and intuitive, the Baoli ES12 Electric Pallet Stacker is built to deliver long-term reliability and performance to Australian businesses on a budget. With all components guaranteed by the KION Group and the backing of the national service and support network of Linde Material Handling, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to Baoli.

Promoting efficiency, advanced features, and an ergonomic design, this pallet stacker isn’t merely a tool – it’s a game-changing asset poised to improve your business operations. 

Want to know why?

It’s A Pallet Stacker That Delivers A Perfect Blend Of Efficiency, Reliability, And Affordability

The ES12 stands out with its combination of three core features:

Efficiency: From the ergonomic design, battery change simplicity and smooth consistent power delivery, the ES12 was built to deliver efficiency.

Reliability: Features such as the AC technology and a safe hydraulic system allow this Baoli truck to guarantee consistent and reliable performance.

Affordability: While premium quality often comes with a premium price tag, the Baoli ES12 breaks the norm. Designed for the economy market, you don’t have to compromise on quality for affordability.

It’s More Than Just An Electric Pallet Stacker

If you thought that the ES12 was just another regular pallet stacker, think again. Lift up to 1.2 tonnes with this powerful stacker which is also packed with features designed to help warehouse operators achieve high and efficient work rates. This electric pallet stacker is built with key features including:

Advanced AC technology that ensures consistent power delivery and optimal performance.

Vertical gearbox configuration designed to enhance durability and deliver outstanding strength.

Baoli ES12 In Use - 3 Images

Ergonomic Excellence Is Built In

Wonder how ergonomics fits into the pallet stacker equation? 

Well, the Baoli ES12 Electric Pallet Stacker has a design that really prioritises the operator’s experience by not skimping when it comes to ergonomics.

Some of the features of the ES12 that showcase this include:

A centrally mounted tiller that gives operators an unobstructed view of the load they’re transporting, which means they can ensure their operations are carried out smoothly and safely.

The tiller control handle is designed for comfort and ease, boasting fingertip/lower buttons and a thumbwheel forward/reverse lever to make operations as seamless as possible and to reduce fatigue.

Uncompromised Pallet Stacker Safety 

When it comes to material handling in any business, safety is the most important issue. With this electric pallet stacker, you can be sure that the features were designed with safety in mind.

Some of the features included as standard are:
A safe hydraulic system which boosts safety during lifting and stacking operations by preventing the mast from dropping abruptly in the case of any sudden loss of hydraulic pressure.

Advanced anti-rollback system to keep the load steady on slopes and to stop the truck from rolling back when starting and stopping – protecting the operator’s feet. 

Lift limit and speed control to ensure safe operation when there’s an overhead obstruction and automatically reduce the truck’s speed when the load is above ground level.

Baoli ES12 In Use Warehouse

It’s The Next Step To Operational Success

Hopefully we’ve demonstrated that the Baoli ES12 electric pallet stacker isn’t just an electric pallet stacker – it’s a blend of efficiency, reliability, and affordability. A game-changer for your warehouse or storage facility.


Ready to drive efficiency in your business operations? The Baoli ES12 is available to purchase outright or through our rent-to-buy option.


Dive deeper into what the Baoli ES12 electric pallet stacker can offer here or request a call below.