Right here! The EP15 is a highly manoeuvrable pallet jack with a compact design

Have a light load in a tight spot you need to quickly move around? The Baoli EP15-03 electric pallet truck is your go-to pallet jack for the fast transportation of goods in confined spaces.

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EP15 Pallet Truck Performance

Need an easy-to-handle pallet truck? The EP15-03 is the answer. This electric pallet truck has a super compact design, so it’s easy to manoeuvre – especially when space is a premium. This flexible truck is a great alternative to a manual hand pallet jack, too.

The EP15 also has a robust chassis and reinforced forks that can easily transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes. And its Lithium-ION battery guarantees non-stop operation for 2.5 hours and only takes two hours to charge.

Baoli EP15 Pulled

See the EP15 in Action

Pallet Truck Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the Baoli electric pallet truck has you covered. The ergonomically designed tiller head is where you’ll find all the jack’s operating elements, and they’re easy-to-reach, too. Its dual butterfly lever conveniently controls the truck with both hands, and the lightweight battery can be replaced effortlessly via plug-and-play.

Baoli EP15 Pulled

Pallet Truck Safety

This compact pallet truck has tons of safety features, too, as you would expect from a Baoli product. Its low chassis is designed to protect the driver’s feet, and the long and low tiller arm ensures a safe handling distance. An effective parking brake holds the truck firmly in position, which comes in handy when positioned on an incline or truck loading ramp.

Additionally, if the driver takes their hands off the butterfly switch, the electromagnetic brake stops the vehicle automatically. Finally, a belly switch on the tiller head can be used to stop the EP15 in an emergency.

Baoli EP15 Safety

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