Understanding the vital role of hand hygiene in workplace health and well-being, Fresh & Clean, based in Melbourne, Victoria, specialises in providing comprehensive hygiene and washroom services across Australia to promote sanitary practices.

Forming part of the longstanding Alsco Uniforms, renowned for pioneering the commercial linen industry since 1889, Fresh & Clean offers essential cleaning fluids and equipment.

When the time came to upgrade their material handling equipment, they turned to Linde with its unmatched reputation. Speaking with Linde’s Victorian-based Account Manager, Kylie Baines, Narelle Michel, Operations Supervisor at Fresh & Clean, explained their needs and what the team were looking for. Being a low-usage environment, they were after a reliable machine that could get the job done. After an initial site survey and demo testing, the team decided to purchase their very first electric forklift, a Baoli KBET20.

Forming part of the KION Group, the second largest forklift manufacturer in the world, Baoli receives full support in Australia by Linde Material Handling in sales, service and spare parts.

The team’s brand-new forklift marks a significant step towards reducing their carbon footprint. Narelle shares insights into the company’s shift towards a greener, more sustainable workplace.

Going down the electric path

Previously, the team at Fresh & Clean used a gas forklift for their business operations. Opting for a solution that aligns with Alsco Uniforms sustainability vision, Fresh & Clean made the decision to switch to an electric-powered forklift, more specifically the Baoli KBET20, to do their part for the environment as a business.

An added bonus of this transition, noted by Narelle, was a pleasant working environment. “With the gas forklift, there was always a smell from the gas bottle. Switching to the electric one eliminated the smell entirely.” Narelle also went on to praise the quietness of the electric forklift, “The absence of the gas smell and the reduced noise of the electric forklift are significant benefits.”

Placing safety first

OH & S is an important cornerstone at Fresh & Clean, which is why the team had their Baoli KBET20 equipped with advanced safety features from Linde, including the BlueSpot driving path warning system, Linde FleetFOCUS, and Linde’s red warning lines.

Fresh and Clean KBET20 electric forklift _ safety red warning lines

“It has all of the safety lighting on it which have certainly raised our safety bar,” says Narelle, adding, “These safety features projects a perimeter around the forklift to ensure we maintain the necessary clearance and alertness around the forklift, making our warehouse safer for everyone.”

“With the Linde BlueSpot safety solution, our team is constantly aware of which way the forklift is moving by looking out for the blue warning spot projected onto the ground.”

Fresh and Clean blue Baoli KBET20 electric forklift with Linde BlueSpot safety lighting

Opting for the Baoli KBET20, the team appreciates the smooth operation of the truck.

The team also added additional safety features, such as a weight gauge to prevent overloading, which surpassed their initial requirements. 

Exceptional service and support from Baoli

Narelle’s decision to partner with Baoli was influenced by her previous positive experience with Linde’s service. Additionally, the hands-on approach by Kylie Baines ensured a seamless transition to the new electric forklift.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Kylie. She was amazing from start to finish, even arranging a demo forklift be brought to our warehouse. She left it here for a few days for us to test and see how we like it, and we appreciated the good service,” says Narelle.

And the sentiment isn’t one-sided. Kylie explains, “David and Narelle have been wonderful to work with. Narelle was clear on what she wanted which made it easy to find a solution that met their needs.”

Having experienced the demo model, it prompted Narelle and the team to get the process moving and purchase their own model.

Another selling point of the Baoli KBET20 was the backing of servicing by Linde Material Handling Australia.

Fresh and Clean team with Baoli KBET20 and Linde Account Manager

Business transformation

The switch from gas to electric not only aligns with their sustainability goals, but it’s also brough on operational efficiencies. The team no longer have to refill gas bottles which means they benefit from cost savings and their carbon footprint is reduced. 

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