Located in Cardiff, NSW, GPW Security Screens & Doors stands as a beacon in the security solutions industry, supplying quality security screens, doors, and Crimsafe products.

Which is why, when it comes to ensuring quality, they don't just rely on their products but also on the equipment that drives their operations. Karen Gallagher, owner at GPW Security Screens & Doors emphasised that material handling equipment remains crucial to their operations.

Baoli KBE25 in use with GPW Security

The need for change

Being a supplier of security screens & doors is more complex than one might initially think. In fact – with a growing volume of stock delivered on pallets, GPW identified the need for a robust forklift tailored to their heavy lifting demands.

Enter the Baoli KBE25.

Karen comments, "Our previous forklift served us well, but as our business grew, we required an upgrade. The Baoli KBE25 caught our attention, impressing us with its blend of affordability, efficiency and reliability."

Baoli KBE25 in use with GPW Security

Discovering the Baoli KBE25

Built to last, the KBE25, a robust electric counterbalance forklift, can effortlessly handle up to 2.5 tonnes. Baoli Forklifts offers customised solutions, which is why we also provide forklifts in the colour of your choice.

The team at GPW Security Screens & Doors enjoy using the Baoli KBE25. When prompted, they voiced their particular fondness for the headlights, praising their bright illumination, especially during early morning operations.

The role of exceptional salesmanship

Matthew Anthony, a dedicated Linde sales representative, introduced GPW to the Baoli brand. Since then, they haven’t looked back.

"Working with Peter and Karen is always a pleasure. They create a welcoming atmosphere, and I’m eager to continue our partnership between GPW Security Screens & Doors and Linde." – Matthew Anthony.

While the KBE25’s performance alone has managed to impress the team, the support from Linde’s sales team, especially Matthew, made the transition even smoother.

Karen said, " Matthew was really good, a very good salesman. With his guidance and the Baoli KBE25’s performance, it's been nothing short of seamless."

GPW Baoli KBE25 electric forklift Linde salesman

Considering a forklift that promises reliability while on a tight budget? Discover the potential of Baoli KBE25 for your operations today!