Located in the lively town of Heatherton, Victoria, UGT International stands out as a dynamic center for homeware business. Originally known for importing, wholesaling, and online retailing of homewares, they've impressively evolved into specialised product developers and a reliable supplier for major Australian retailers.


Mark Goldman, Site Manager at UGT International, believes,
"With great growth comes great responsibility."

This is especially true when considering the increased heavy lifting needs of their growing wholesale operations. Enter the Baoli KBG25 forklift, the perfect solution to bridge this gap for UGT.

KBG25 with UGT International

Mark reminisces, "Our association with Linde has been long-standing, and it's through them we discovered the Baoli KBG25. The deciding factor? A compelling balance between price and performance."

Observing his team smoothly navigate the warehouse with the KBG25, it’s clear that its "ease-of-use" isn't just a fancy tagline but a reality that Mark's team lives and appreciates daily.

"We've got one KBG25 that we own and another one on short-term rental," Mark shares.

"I can confidently say, they've surpassed our expectations."

"I’ve worked closely with UGT International over the past three years, witnessing their commitment to growth and excellence. Our collaborative journey began with a one-month rental. Since then, they’ve expanded their fleet and today boast 2x Linde Reach Trucks, 1x 2.5T Baoli, and the recent addition of a T20.

As their warehouse expanded, their investment in Linde/Baoli Equipment grew, leading to the acquisition of the KBG25 last year. The team’s most recent transition has also been from manual pallet jacks to the T20 electric pallet jacks, which the staff have warmly welcomed." - Kylie Baines, Territory Manager in Victoria.

UGT International

Yet, it's not just about the machine. Mark notes a palpable enhancement in efficiency, productivity, and even team morale since the Baoli KBG25's integration. A significant share of credit, he insists, goes to Kylie from Linde. "Her recommendation carried weight. We've been collaborating for years, and her insights have always been spot on."

UGT's Baoli KBG25 forklift is a top performer in its class. Their strong ties with Linde and Kylie highlight that when there are so many choices, what stands out is a reliable product backed by dependable people.


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